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Advantages of advertising in the Journal:

1. Great writers: World leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Madeleine Albright, and Jimmy Carter have contributed articles to the Journal, along with some of the world’s most distinguished scholars, academics, and policymakers.

2. Unmatched Value: The Journal boasts some of the most reasonable rates in the field.

3. Long shelf life: Because the Journal is only published twice a year, each issue remains in circulation for months. Advertisements inside any given copy will be seen many more times than those inside a weekly newspaper or magazine, either of which is usually thrown out or put away within a week of being bought.

4. A global audience: In addition to a wide distribution throughout the United States, the Journal is purchased and read throughout the world, in countries including the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Cameroon, Brazil, Hong Kong, Australia, Great Britain, and Turkey.

Current Advertising Rates
Ad Size Width Height 1 issue 2 issues
Full Page 7.0″ 10.0″ $300 $530
Half Page (V) 3.5″ 10.0″ $170 $300
Half Page (H) 7.0″ 5.0″ $170 $300
Two Pages 14.0″ 10.0″ $530 $950

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Reprint Permissions

All articles that appear in the Journal are copyrighted, and permission must be requested from the Journal prior to photocopying or distribution. If you would like to request permission to reprint an article that appeared in the Journal, please e-mail us for instructions and additional information or visit our permissions page at the Copyright Clearance Center by searching for “Brown Journal of World Affairs.”