The Brown Journal of World Affairs is a semiannual journal of international relations and foreign policy produced at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. The Journal features original articles by and interviews with world leaders, policymakers, and prominent academics.

Each issue is composed of several thematic sections that showcase unique and incisive scholarship on the salient international issues of today and tomorrow. Past contributors include Jimmy Carter, Samantha Power, Mikhail Gorbachev, John Kerry, and Joseph Stiglitz. The Journal was founded in 1993 and publishes two issues a year, in spring and winter.

Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief: Oliver Hermann, Jacquelyn S. Ingrassia

Managing Editors: James Kunhardt, Sukanya Roy, Jonah Shrock

Section Heads: Isabel Alexiades, Ethan Franzblau, Andy Hong, Richard Huang, Rakhi Kundra, Olivia Siemens, Adam Stein

Associate Editors: Caroline Allen, Jordanna Dulaney, Lucas Fried, Christina Ge, Isabel Guarnieri, Claire Heiden, Emma Kumleben, Alexandra McClintock, Henry Miller, Caleb O’Brien, Kriyana Reddy, Laila Rodenbreck, Charlotte Scott, Connor Sullivan, Yue Yue Teng

Business Board

Business Manager: Julian Vallyeason

Business Associates: Rachel Avram, Erin Gallagher, Patricio Gonzalez, Anna Nakai, Oscar Newman, Frishta Qaderi, Sera Tansever